So you want to be a Dog Handler

For some owner’s that come to pick up their trained Gun Dog….the task of being able to handle their companion can be a frustrating experience. For local owners…they are always welcome to drop by and train and get assistance from me….but for individuals out of state….that is not feasible. Therefore, I suggest you find local training groups where you can get hands on instruction from other experienced handlers.  In addition, the web is filled with videos to help in the process.  A trained dog with an untrained handler is not going to work.  Being a good handler is not something that happens overnight…be patient. If you want to keep things under control on that first hunt….well…..put your gun down and handle your dog….you will have plenty of time to shoot at birds later. You made the investment….treat it as such….it is on you.


Jeff January 26, 2016 General, Training