“A big shout out to Jeff Pelayo for all the hard work he has done in Alaska for the Waterfowling. Here he is years ago working on a Steller’s Eider project in Cold Bay on Izembek Refuge a few years back. Thanks for what you do in the industry. If you ever want to come back up and hunt you always have a friend and a place to hang out in Cold Bay”. Cold Bay Adventures, Alaska.

I wanted to give you a brief background on me – Jeff. Waterfowl and waterfowling have been a passion and a lifestyle of mine since I was a young boy! I have over 30+ years hunting experience from across the USA and Canada. My favorite places to hunt are the prairies of the USA and Canada and also Izembek Lagoon, Cold Bay, Alaska. My favorite waterfowl to hunt is the amazing and wary Snow Goose and diving ducks….especially the King Canvasback!


I am a Waterfowl Research Biologist by trade. I received my early training in Waterfowl Biology at the world renowned Delta Waterfowl and Wetlands Research Station in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wildlife Biology from Humboldt State University, Arcata, California and a Master’s of Science degree in Biology (emphasis on Ornithology) from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. For my graduate thesis, I studied some important questions in life history evolution, those directly related to egg size and offspring survival of Ruddy Ducks in Minnedosa, Manitoba. My study was funded by Delta Waterfowl, Canadian Wildlife Service and the University of Saskatchewan.



I have studied other breeding and wintering waterfowl in very remote regions of Alaska and also throughout the prairie potholes of the USA and Canada. My research findings are published in prominent Ornithological journals. I have been employed by such organizations as California Waterfowl Association, Delta Waterfowl, Ducks Unlimited and the USGS Biological Division, Alaska Science Center.


I am an avid collector and scholar of old decoys and other waterfowling artifacts from mainly the Chesapeake Bay region, but also collect decoys by Duncan Ducharme and Torry Ward of the famous Delta Marsh in Manitoba, Canada. I am grateful to be a temporary caretaker of this valuable history. I very much enjoy outdoor photography, especially of my dogs and the “hunt”…and I try my best to capture the story. Most important to me are my young dogs, Cypress Creeks Black Jet “Jet”, Riversides Razmataz “Raz”, Cypress Creeks Black Ace “Ace” and Cypress Creeks Creole Queen “Cree”. With over 18+ years of gun dog training experience, you can say I enjoy training my labs to be the best gun dogs they can be….and I enjoy training other peoples retrievers to also be the best hunting companions they can be!

To me…one of the most rewarding aspects of waterfowling is watching black dogs that love the game as much as I do! My older brothers are largely responsible for who I am today….taking me at a very early age to hunt rabbits, dove, quail and eventually waterfowl on California refuges was enough to do it! For me, life has come full circle – welcome to my world!

Happy Hunting,

Jeff Pelayo