This page is dedicated to my girl….the late Jessie. A wonderful gun dog that experienced so much with me…I miss her very much…she is always in my thoughts. Jessie was born in the Minnedosa Prairie Pothole Region of Manitoba, Canada. She was with me every step of the way as I pursued my graduate degree at the University of Saskatchewan….and all the ups and downs years later. Jessie was a duck dog through and through and spent many days afield with me as I conducted my Ruddy Duck research in Minnedosa….what a great place to raise a pup….lots of great memories! From hunting the Saskatchewan prairies to the tundra of Izembek Lagoon, Cold Bay, Alaska….she loved it all….and I loved every moment I was able to share with her in the field….every moment at home….and every moment spent training. It doesn’t ever last long enough! What a great run we had together….see you again someday old girl….until then….keep chasing them feathers!