Our training season typically spans 7 months – February through August….sometimes a bit longer. Our new Puppy Program starts in October and is limited to 2-3 young pups. Our Gun Dog training program that is tailored specifically for the Waterfowler is split into a 4 month Basic Program (at the end of this program the dog should be ready to hunt) and a 4+ month Intermediate/Advanced Program (at the end of this program your dog should be able to handle and run blind retrieves on land and water, however, please understand that not all dogs are good candidates for advanced training). At times, we have to tweak things up a bit to fit our own needs and most importantly the needs of our client dogs. Keep in mind that all dogs learn at different rates…they are all individuals…and while some concepts are easy to learn for some…may not be true for others. We adjust our training methods to fit each individual…we use a blend of force and positive reinforcement methods to mold that happy gun dog. In addition, how your puppy was raised, socialized and exposed to gun dog “stuff” like water, birds and guns and even people…will play a huge role during training. I can’t overemphasize that training must be adjusted to the individual.

***For the 2018 Spring and Summer Training Season – I am putting a new requirement in place for enrollment into my basic gun dog program…as I feel it is only fair to both owner and trainer.  I will now only consider dogs for enrollment that can demonstrate the ability to retrieve by video or in person. This applies to dogs coming to me at the age of 5+ months of age. Basically, I want to see the dog go out for a bumper…bring the bumper all the way back or close to the handler….yes…that simple. Please work with your pup to develop this very important and basic skill….avoid the game of chase as well.  In addition, your dog must be fully crate trained. If you need help…feel free to contact me. Will do my best to guide you and your pup.


COST: BASICS 700.00 per month and INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED 800.00 per month includes feeding (Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 All Life Stages). We require a 350.00 deposit to enroll (I accept ). This deposit will be applied towards first month of training….the remaining balance paid at drop off – ABSOLUTELY NO ACCEPTIONS – TRAINING FEES MAY ALSO BE PAID IN FULL ***Our Basic Program is 4 months. Monthly heart worm and flea and tick medications provided by owner. All dogs are required to be current on all shots and submit Vet records and be on file with our Vet before we can take them – ABSOLUTELY NO ACCEPTIONS.

Important PDF Forms:  Please download forms, read carefully, fill out and sign where instructed to do so. Liability Waiver, Training Contract & Information Sheet   getadobereadericon

Dog Transport: If you live out of state and need reliable transportation for you dog – we recommend using Kati Becker’s Move The Dog Transportation or call 515-783-2241. Also you can contact Edgar and Janet at Bittersweet Pet Transportation or call 507-421-5467. I do not recommend air travel for your dog. There are other land transport businesses…and if needed will provide additional contacts. Please them AWA Gun Dogs in Jamestown, North Dakota referred you.

Country Acres Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Barbara Looysen 8279 37th Street SE, Jamestown, North Dakota. Office: 701-252-7133 and Fax: 701-252-5387 and Website: Country Acres Veterinary Clinic


BASICS – 4 Month Program Covers

Evaluation and Introduction: See where individual is with regards to any basic obedience and retrieving abilities. Exposure to live and dead birds (pigeon/ducks) and decoys on both land and water. Developing confidence and building desire.

Formal Obedience: Sit (side and front), here, heel, kennel, place, and down (E-collar Conditioning for obedience commands and Whistle for sit and here).

Force Fetch: Hold, Fetch (E-collar Conditioning) and Give. Walking/Collar Fetch.

Marking and Steadiness: land and water (walking singles, gunner-thrown marks, singles and doubles via remote launchers, guns (22 blank pistol and shotgun), ducks and diversions, simple re-entries.

Hunting Scenarios: Ground blinds and marsh stands.  Shot Mallard flyers incorporated into training (live flyer’s are for purchase only).

Cues, Commands and Releases: “watch it”, “sit”, “here”, “heel”, “kennel”, “down”, “off”, “fetch”, “give”, “ok”



INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED – 4 Month (+) Program Covers

Marking: Land and water set-ups with factors and diversions.

Simple Casting: Overs (left/right) and Backs (left/right) from remote sit position.

Pile Work Land: Lining, casting (remote and side send) and force to pile.

Mini and Double T Land: Lining, stopping on whistle and casting, disciplined casting.

De-cheating Drills: Taking lines out and back in water.

Pile Work Water: Lining and force to pile.

Floating: Stop to whistle in water.

T-work Water: Lining, stopping on whistle and casting (backs and overs).

Pattern Blinds: 3 leg and diversions.

Cold Blinds: Land and water.

Lining Drills: Wagon Wheel.

"with dog trainer Jeff Pelayo AWA Gun Dogs"



For some owner’s that come to pick up their trained Gun Dog….the task of being able to handle their companion can be a frustrating experience. For local owners…they are always welcome to drop by and train and get assistance from me….but for individuals out of state….that is not feasible. Therefore, I suggest you find local training groups where you can get hands on instruction from other experienced handlers.  In addition, the web is filled with videos to help in the process.  A trained dog with an untrained handler is not going to work.  Being a good handler is not something that happens overnight…be patient. If you want to keep things under control on that first hunt….well…..put your gun down and handle your dog….you will have plenty of time to shoot at birds later. You made the investment….treat it as such….it is on you.